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Nebula Data's Online Backup


Nebula Data offers the industry's best online backup. With unparalleled security, Nebula Data's Online Backup service uses the most award-winning backup solution in the market.

Backup Up to 5 PC's with One Account

Nebula Data lets you backup up to five computers with one, simple account. With Nebula Data's Online Backup, all of your PCs are simply managed; no more juggling multiple accounts.


About Online Backup

Nebula Data's Online Backup service has been built on technology identified in PC Magazine Editors' Choice backup solution for the last three years and is the category leader and one of the most established SaaS vendors in the market. It is also one of the most recommended online backup software.

Trusted Service

The tecnology behind Nebula Data's Online Backup service is PC User Top Buy, the Wall Street Journal's preferred online backup solution, and Roam Magazine's favorite pick and is the most awarded, and best performing backup system available.